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Guacamole Revisited

July 27th, 2009

dsc00206For our blogger gathering on Saturday, we met up at a Mexican restaurant. One of their claims to fame is making table-side guacamole. I’m a huge fan of good guacamole so I was excited to try it.

The wait staff opened the avocados and started smashing and mixing all of the fresh ingredients. We had 5 or 6 orders of it up and down the table to share. I tasted it and my first thought was “Mine is better.” For my taste, it needed more lime and just a little something smoky in the background (bacon or ground chipotle would have made me happy). Don’t get me wrong – it was good. Very good. I just prefer mine.

I had to run to the store yesterday and thought about picking up some avocados and making some guacamole…then I saw the avocados were over $2 a piece and shelved that idea. I’ve published this previously but for those of you who are new here, I’ll share the recipe for guacamole that I think is perfect.


4 avocados (if you dont know how to cut and seed one visit here)

2 plum tomatoes or 1 regular garden variety tomato

1/2 onion

2-3 cloves of garlic

lemon juice

lime juice

orange juice



2-3 strips of bacon (If you don’t want to use bacon, you can get a little of that smoky flavor with ground chipotle – but it will also add a little heat)

dsc06208Peel and pit the avocados. Smash with either back of a fork or potato ricer. You want it slightly chunky rather than completely smooth. Finely chop the tomato, onion, and garlic or throw it in the food processor and pulse a few times. Add to the avocados. Squeeze a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and lime juice into your mixture. Squeeze a tablespoon of orange juice in (less than the lemon and limeyou shouldnt taste the orange juice – it should just add a little something in the background). Add salt – a little more than you think you should. Crumble the bacon into your mixture. Trust me – adds a nice smokiness. Mix it all up. Taste it – if it seems to be missing something add a little more salt, lemon and/or lime juice. Eat. Yes, avocados have lots of fat in the them but it is the good kind plus lots of vitamins and minerals.

For the juices and cilantro, fresh is always best but Ive been known to use dried cilantro when I dont have fresh and those plastic lemons and limes for juice. I truly believe the garlic has to be fresh to get the back ground bite that it provides but do what you will.

mouthwateringbutton-1-2-13 Don’t forget it is Mouthwatering Monday at Rachel’s place.

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8 Responses to “Guacamole Revisited”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    The first thing I told my husband about the restaurant when I got home on Saturday night was that I think HIS guacamole is better.

  2. TJ Says:

    We have a Mexican restaurant here in Phoenix that sprinkles pomegranate seeds on top of their table side guacamole. It sounds strange, but adds a bit of sweet tanginess to it. I make it that way at home all the time now when pomegranates are in season. You should try it sometime. I can’t wait to try yours. My motto is, bacon makes everything taste better!

  3. Habesha Child Says:

    yum -your recipe sounds delish! and you know any version that has bacon in it is going to be good for moi. 🙂 i’m going to give it a whirl. thanks for sharing it!!

  4. Kel Says:

    Guacamole AND salsa – a girl after my own heart! 🙂 I grew up with tex-mex foods so these are staples in my house which is why I’m so excited our garden has survived (no, I do not have a green thumb).

    It was great to meet you the other night, I know we did not get to chat much, but you were lovely none the less. I hope you have a great week and I look forward to many more conversations! 🙂

  5. Lori Says:


    I hear ya’ on the price of avocados! I’ve been making Cobb salads for work the last month or so. When I started avocados were $.69. When my husband told me he paid 2.00 the other day the Cobb salads came to a screeching halt!

    I really enjoyed meeting you on Saturday! Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to try your guacamole.

  6. Liza Graves Says:

    Have you had the Guac at SOL in Franklin? Again, homemade is the best, but theirs, on the right night, beats mine. Sorry we were too late to try Cantina’s version!

  7. elle Says:

    I have to tell you I started making your guac recipe after you posted it last year and ever since people beg me to make it. Potluck: what do you want me to bring? Bacon Guacamole.

    I had never thought of putting chipotle powder in it, but since I just bought some at Market Spice in Seattle I’ll have to give that a try.

  8. Stacie Says:

    I am not a Guacamole person but your recipe sure does sound yummy!

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