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August 20th, 2009

By the time Steve gets home every night, I am very weary of hearing Sabrina declare “No Tessa! Mine!” Apparently, sharing goes against every molecule in her body. She goes to time out multiple times a day for grabbing things away from Tessa. It doesn’t even matter if the item is truly Sabrina’s or if it belongs to Tessa. She doesn’t want Tessa to have it unless she decides to give it to her. Tessa is largely oblivious to all of it at this point. She doesn’t usually react when Sabrina takes something – she just finds something else to play with until Sabrina tries to take that away as well. I spend most of my day telling Sabrina to share, to stop taking things from her sister, to stop hoarding all of the toys into a spot that Tessa (theoretically) can’t access. I know I am basically asking her to stop being 3. I suppose I just need to get used to it because I will be telling them to quit fighting over crayons and then clothes and then boys and then the car keys as the years pass.

First, she tries to put everything on a chair so Tessa can’t reach it or in something mobile like the wagon so she can move it around to keep it out of reach.


This is Sabrina’s reaction when I tell her to share. She puts her head down and whines “I can’t share my toys with Tessa.”


Then she decides to cooperate – at least while I am paying attention. (Tessa always gives me the innocent look like she has no idea she is causing her sister angst. But she is a bit of an instigator already.)


Fortunately, they are both cute so I don’t list them on Craigslist.



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10 Responses to “MINE!”

  1. Holly G Says:

    Sounds VERY familiar. Yes…get used to it.

  2. Kim Says:

    I wish I didn’t understand how you feel. The attitudes are killing me too. I’m so thankful that my youngest is a year behind. Two three year olds is going to turn me gray or bald.

  3. muriel Says:

    Darn! I would totally buy them on Craigslist. 🙂

  4. Bobbi Says:

    OH, the joys of toddler-hood!! It must get so old though!!

    What category would they fit into on Craigslist? I may need to list mine soon:>)

  5. Laura Says:

    There you go with your sense of humor…craigslist. Hope you don’t get into trouble for that 😉 Love your attitude. It’s like our son wanting EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. Asking him to wait is like asking him to not be a three year old boy. Oh the joys of sharing. We just have to trust that they will learn to share 🙂

  6. Yeah So Says:

    Makes you understand why your mom always threatened to sell you to the gypsies, huh? I swear that’s why God makes them cute….

  7. Rhonda Says:

    OHMYGOSH, you sound like you’re describing my HOUSEHOLD….ugh. yes, we too are going through this and now Em’s into the “tattletale” thing even if Katie didn’t do anything. Totally drives me NUTS!!!!!! LOL
    Happy weekend!

  8. Becky Says:

    I only have 1 and it sounds like my house! I just think it’s a toddler’s attitude —I have a while to go through this (unfortunately)! Tabitha is this way at home with the dogs, at school with other children……some days I feel like selling her on Craig’s list too! (it’s just a joke people, relax).

  9. mama k Says:

    A friend told me once that they have to learn possession/ownership before they learn sharing. So it’s all a part of the process.
    The cuteness covers a multitude of sins! LOL

  10. Pattie Says:

    I was soooo glad that we taught N that he couldn’t take things from C unless he “traded” her for something else. Worked fine for a while…… But, C is now in the cross over from terrible 2 to horrible 3!

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