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Fish Two Ways

August 31st, 2009

rainbowfishI received an email asking how to cook fish. Until about 5 years ago, I rarely cooked fish because I never got it right. It was always dry and/or tasteless. My momma showed me how to broil it and suddenly the mystery was gone. Now we eat fish at least once a week. Our Sam’s Club sells nice tilapia fillets (not frozen – in the fresh meat and cheese section) and we bring them home and put meal portions and freeze them. If you are already a fish cook at home, you can skip this but here are 2 simple ways to make fish at home. And just an FYI for those who don’t know what to buy – tilapia is a mild and relatively inexpensive fish to try.

Broiled Tilapia (works with any white fish)

Make sure your fillets are defrosted and dry. Start your broiler. Cover a baking sheet with foil and put the fillets on it. Drizzle the fillets with a little olive oil – you can also squirt some lemon juice on it if you like. Sprinkle a rub or herb mixture that you enjoy (we use the rub from the ribs because we like the sweet heat – but use sparingly because it is potent) over the fish and pop under the broiler. I usually let it go for 6 minutes and then check it. If you can easily break it apart (flake it) with your fork, it is done. If you can’t easily break it apart, stick it back under for another minute or 2.

Lightly breaded, pan cooked tilapia

dsc00697-1Put some bread crumbs on a plate. They can be plain or seasoned. (I used plain.) Add a few shakes of oregano. I also added a little bit of ground chipolte pepper because we like thing with a kick around Casa de Smiles – but you can leave that out. Mix the herb into your bread crumbs.

Pour a little bit of olive oil in your palm. Rub it all over both sides of your fillet. Then put your fillet in the bread crumbs and flip so that both sides have a light coating of bread crumbs.

dsc00702Heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil on medium-medhigh (my stove dial runs 1-10, I use 5.5 or 6). Make sure it is hot before you put your fish in it or the bread crumbs will just suck up all of the oil instead of starting to cook. Then put your fillets in. I cook them for 3-4 min on each side – you only want to flip them once. Give them a squirt of lemon when you put them on the plate. I just started making them this way and my husband has declared he likes them this way a little bit more than broiled. I like them both ways – but either way is a good way to start cooking fish at home for your family.



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9 Responses to “Fish Two Ways”

  1. Kate Says:

    Great post, we need to eat more fish, I’d love to follow your instructions but don’t know what a broiler is?
    (a cook from the UK wondering if there’s a language difference)

  2. Jody W. Says:

    The broiler scares me. I’m easily intimidated that way.

    When we do a coating, I like to add parmesan cheese and lemon pepper.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Sorry – I hadn’t thought about those who might not have broiler settings on their ovens.

    It is a setting on our US ovens…it heats only the top element of your oven and makes it really hot (500 degrees). You put your food rather close to the element and it cooks quickly. Does your oven in the UK have a setting like that?

  4. Kate Says:

    I think that’s what we’d call grilling!!
    I have a separate oven and grill, I’d thought that it was probably steaming that you were referring to, thanks for the clarification.

  5. amy2boys Says:

    This is so perfect! I always mess it up too, so we’re stuck with my husband’s rather time consuming process of smoking a salmon – not something we can do weekly. Yesterday he said – we need to eat more fish. So I will try this out this week for sure!! Thanks Michelle!

  6. Hadyn Says:

    I must purchase this “chipotle pepper” of which you speak so highly. And so frequently.

  7. sharon Says:

    I like to bread mine with Andy’s fish breading and lightly pan fry with a little garlic salt. Mmmm! Tilapia is so versatile. Great tips!

  8. marthavmuffin Says:

    Yum darn it. I want to go make some right now!!

    My husband worked in a local seafood restaurant for years in his teens/young adult years and wont eat fish. Just wont eat it…NOt only that but complains about the smell of it when I cook it so Jamie thinks its stinky too now, though she ate it when she was a baby.

    I will just have to make two main dishes soon, that sounds so good!

  9. rachel-asouthernfairytale Says:

    I love tilapia. It’s such a nice starter fish.. mild, easy to eat and even simpler to cook 😉 (Salmon is still my fav)
    This sounds like a delicious recipe! NOM.

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