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It is only quiet on the blog

November 18th, 2009

p1010119It is really only Wednesday?  We’ve been having a long week here filled with much 3 year old angst.  Nothing serious – just lots of sass, attitude, bullying of the little sister, and talking back to momma.

Steve left for a 3 day business trip before dawn this morning so this momma is digging deep into the patience reserves (and the booze reserves in the back of the frig).

Fortunately, they make me laugh as often as they make me count to 10 to avoid stroking out.  We (mostly Steve – hey it’s my blog so I can blame whomever I wish) don’t always watch our language as well as we should.  Tessa just gives us these looks some days that cause us to declare “She is so damn cute!”.  Well, Sabrina decided to get in on that action and has declared Tessa damn cute too.  I explained it was a grown up word.  Now she tells people as we shop in Target “I say Tessa is so cute.  Mommy and Daddy say she is so damn cute.”  Heh.  Following the letter of the law if not the spirit I suppose.

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7 Responses to “It is only quiet on the blog”

  1. Gardenia Says:

    yep, we know sassiness at our house too. grrrr. cute pics of the girlies — love both of their hair!

  2. amy2boys Says:

    That’s funny! It happens really easy though. We’re pretty careful and Bear still went around between age 2 and 2.5 saying “dammit.” Every time he’d trip, or drop something, or get annoyed he’d say it. And then we have to try not to laugh because it’s pretty damn funny.

  3. Julie P Says:

    That would be enough to send me over the edge. Good Luck with the next two days.

  4. Bobbi Says:

    HAHAHA!!!! I love this!! At least Sabrina listens to you and follows what you say.

    With you on the whole single mom thing. It is long, and hard. Good luck, and glad you have a stash!!

    Oh, three year olds they push every button we have, then turn around and are just “so damn cute!!!” Good luck

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Hahaha!! I love it! That is hilarious! We also are not very mindful about what we say in front of Mr. Repeat-everything-we-say-even-when-he-is-in-the-other-room.

  6. lilfootsmommy Says:

    I think our 3 year olds would be dangerous together. Mine says “damn it”. Oh and let’s not forget this past labor day in Maine when she all of a sudden first time ever in the middle of the small market we were in said the eff word. Mortified!

  7. Stefanie Says:

    That’s so damn cute.

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