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Christmas Ornaments

November 24th, 2009

I saw some really cute Christmas ornaments on Etsy last year but couldn’t bring myself to pay the price tag that many were asking (the one I bookmarked was $25).  I was sure I could do it myself for much less.  How hard could it be?  Anyone who has ever walked into Hobby Lobby/Michael’s/JoAnn Fabrics has probably had the same thought.  Others have probably also found that making 1 ends up costing exponentially more than the original item might have cost if you purchased it from someone else.  Many have probably also had my experience and found yourself returning 4 or 5 times trying to get things right because it was a little more difficult than you anticipated.  I finally got the right materials and have enjoyed painting ornaments for friends and family.

I’m going to offer them up for sale here if anyone is interested.  They are 4″ glass ornaments.  I have frosted and white ornaments.  The white are topped with a clear glossy glaze.  The frosted are not gloss coated because it interferes with the frosted finish (as you can see on the Amanda and the Jackie – this was all a learning process). Each ornament is on a ribbon for hanging.

I’m naming each ornament for the person to whom the original belongs to help with identification.  You can request some swapping of colors – I will show you the colors available at the end of the post.

They can be personalized with whatever name you specify.  I did a lot of first names but also did one a family one “The B*****’s est. 2004”.

Each ornament will be $12 plus shipping.  I will only charge what it costs me to ship so it will be a case by case…it looks like it should be less than $6 (I did a few quotes on USPS and they were all around $5).  If I run out of boxes, I might have to purchase a few and add $.50 or $.75 to the shipping costs to offset that.  If you order more than one, I will do my best to ship them all together assuming I can get them wrapped up safely and still shipped cheaply.  Payment will be via PayPal.

If you want to order one, leave me a comment with your email and we can discuss the details via email.

On to the ornaments.

The Tessa: white ornament, fuchsia & lime stripes and dots


The Adam: snowflakes on a frosted ornaments


The Abuela: red and green stripes with silver and gold polka dots


The Jameson: frosted ornament with Christmas lights


The Polka Dot: white ornament with polka dots in a variety of colors


The Sabrina: fuchsia stripes, lime dots, with purple and turquoise squiggles


The Amanda: 4 flowers ring the top of the ornament and vine trails down and around the bottom


The Jackie: Fuchsia & turquoise stripes with a line of lime stripes and silver swirls


The Avadar: ladybugs and butterflies


Okay now for the paint colors.  These are available for stripes.  The turquoise and the lime are too transparent to make good thick stripes – they work best for the thinner accent stripes.  The fuchsia, red, and dark green are opaque enough for the bold stripes.


These colors are available for things other than the thick and thin stripes: silver, gold, apple green, bright pink, red, green, turquoise, magenta (the pinkish purple cap), purple, yellow, and black.


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6 Responses to “Christmas Ornaments”

  1. Cass Says:

    I would like to order a couple.

  2. dana Says:

    Love them and I can tell they’re pretty time consuming to make. You’re very creative! I have one question Mom of Two………….where the hell are ya getting the time to do this???

  3. Jill Says:

    Very cute! I’d like to order 1.


  4. Michelle Smiles » Blog Archive » Can’t you feel the love? Says:

    […] spent my evening painting ornaments for those of you who have ordered.? It is a fun way to get into the Christmas […]

  5. Carolyn Boutwell Says:

    Hey Michele,

    I would like to order at least two of the ornaments possibly more. They are beautiful!


  6. Bobbi Says:

    I would like to order a Tessa, Jameson, and The Adam.

    On the Tessa I would like Cassie
    On the Jameson I would like Mauricio
    On the Adam I would like Krista

    The girls like the color combos you had for each of them and Mauricio is not fussy:>)!! Let me know about the paypal and I will get you paid!!

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