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Can’t you feel the love?

November 27th, 2009

p1010315Everyone on my Christmas card list can expect individual photos of the girls rather than one of them together if my attempts at taking their photo last night was any indication. I took 40 photos. I have photos of them rolling over each other, falling off the chair, kicking each other, blocking kisses from each other – but not 1 of them looking at me at the same time. I promised myself I would take the Christmas card photo before Steve goes back to work on Monday but I really am not looking forward to trying to get a decent shot.

Tessa enjoyed her pasta shells and cheese – the wall next to her will never look the same again


Thanksgiving is over which makes me sad – it is my favorite holiday. My mom already headed back to Texas. She had an accident on the way here for Thanksgiving. Amazingly, was able to drive her car away after being hit by 2 cars while they were all traveling at 65+ MPH but still needs to get some body work done so she left early to tend to that business.

Steve decided he wanted to check out some of the Black Friday craziness so we got up at 5am and headed to Sam’s Club to check out their deals. Sam’s is like Black Friday Lite – very civilized compared to some of the others. We saw some great deals on flat screen TVs but our big non-flat screen is still working fine so we bought chicken breast and hamburger since we were there. We were the only people back in the grocery section and likely the only people who got up at 5am and didn’t return home with anything that plugged in or required batteries. But it was fun to drive by all of the other stores and see the full parking lots and lines of people.

I’ve spent my evening painting ornaments for those of you who have ordered. It is a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Sabrina was sad to see Abuela and Abuela’s dog head home this morning.


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5 Responses to “Can’t you feel the love?”

  1. Merlot Says:

    We didn’t do ANY black Friday shopping, but we have been drooling over flat screen TVs because the plan is to turn our current family room into Lovey Girls play room and the current living room into the family room w/said flat screen TV. My husband does want one of them and has been drooling over them in stores.

    Oh my goodness! Sorry about your mom, and glad she wasn’t hurt.

  2. Sonia in MO (FTC) Says:

    Okay, that top photo of the girls giving each other “the eye” just cracks me up! I have a feeling they will be giving each other that same look in a lot of your future family photos…LOL… too funny!

    And I agree – so glad your mom wasn’t hurt in the accident!

  3. Megan Says:

    I had the same problem this year with getting a good picture. I went ahead and ordered the one that I kind-of liked of the two of them. While I was ordering I saw on the Walmart website that you could order a collage 4X6 photo for the same price as a regular one. I used 5 (the one that I kind-of liked of the two of them and then 2 each of them apart) different pics of them but all on the same picture! I could do it in an hour and they are beautiful!

    So glad your Mom is ok, sorry she had to leave early though. I know how that is to have your Mom live out of state. :0-(

  4. Tonya Says:

    Sabrina looks like such a big girl in that last picture. That must be so hard for your Mom to leave all her girls.. 🙁
    You should put that first pic in your cards. It is hysterical!

  5. Jessica Nunemaker Says:

    I just used some favorite recent shots of the kids. No way am I messing around with trying to get a baby and a 4 year old to do what I want, when I want! 😉

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