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December 21st, 2009
  • princess_and_the_frog_movie_image_1I took Sabrina to see a movie in the theater for the first time. We saw The Princess and the Frog yesterday. She did great – she sat still up until the last 10 minutes or so – although I think she was as excited about the popcorn as she was about the movie (sniff, sniff…just like her momma). As for the movie, I was a fan. I thought the jazzy music was fun and some of the characters were a hoot – Mama Odie and Raymond the Cajun Firefly were awesome. And the message about working hard and not relying on wishes to make your dreams come true was great. The scary parts were a little scary for Sabrina but she was fine. I think we’ll add this one to our collection when it comes out on DVD.
  • Remember my whole insurance coverage fiasco? It still wasn’t resolved. I went to the doctor last week (specialist) and she advised that I see someone about my cold. I don’t have a general practitioner here (I know, hush, I’ll find one) so I went to the CVS minute clinic. They were quick, painless, and competent (more than I can say for my stupid insurance company) so I give them a thumbs up. I paid my co-pay and they declared I had a sinus infection and gave me a couple of prescriptions. I walked 20 feet to the pharmacy and was told my insurance company was claiming that I wasn’t covered. (That sound you heard? Was my head exploding.) Apparently, they have decided that I’m allowed to see doctors but not allowed to have drugs. Steve called them yet again to get me reactivated. (For the 5th time for those of you keeping track at home.) He wisely wouldn’t allow me to call them. I think he was afraid my threats rants toward our insurance company might actually be punishable under the Patriot Act.
  • Tessa, who used to eat nothing, began eating like a truck driver. Seriously, she shovels food in her mouth now. But don’t give her milk while she has a mouth full of food – she doesn’t realize she could swallow it and then drink so she spits out whatever is in her mouth so that she can immediately drink.
  • Tessa only says a few words but it is fun to watch her starting to understand things. Sabrina watches a lot of Dora. She loves Dora. Tessa seems mildly entertained by Dora and has started doing the cutest thing. Whenever she sees Swiper the Fox either on TV or in a book, she puts her hand out and waves it like Dora does when she says “Swiper no swiping.” It is adorable. She also “dances” by shaking her head no – too cute.
  • My sister and her husband love doting on children who are not their own. They will shovel sugar into my children for hours on end and then offer them ponies. My sister called on their way to Wally World to buy Sabrina a bike for Christmas. I told her she would have to have it shipped to our Wally World because there would be no way we could fit it in the car to bring it home. She and her husband laughed at me. Not only did they buy Sabrina a bike, they bought one for Tessa too. I explained that there was no way we could fit them in the car with a weeks worth of luggage, other gifts, and a pack n play. They assured me it would work. I took a picture of my not overly large trunk and again tried to explain physics wasn’t on our side here – there would be no room. My sister then tried to go around me and called my husband to appeal to him. (That sound you heard? My head exploding again.) He was even more adamant than I was – it is a hugely appreciated gesture but the bikes would not fit in the car on the way home. I think she believed him. Why does no one listen to me? Despite their disregard for the physical limitations of my car, we love that they want to give our girls such fun gifts. So I’ll quit harping and just say thank you Aunt Rusty and Uncle Mike.
  • Getting sick right before Christmas means I’ve done no baking. I even had to skip a cookie exchange with friends. My butt thanks me but I haven’t had a single Christmas cookie this year.
  • I thought it might not be a horrible idea to go to the mall last Friday. Quit laughing. I thought everyone would still be working and I could run in and grab something at 1 store. Let me just say that my county is doing its part to turn this economy around – the mall was insane.
  • Gah – how is Christmas in 4 days? Assuming the weather looks okay, we are leaving tomorrow night to head north. We plan to leave around 9:30 pm and drive through the night so that the girls will sleep. We’ll see how that goes. Anyone who follows me on twitter or is my friend on facebook might want to look away if colorful language offends you.
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4 Responses to “Things that happened when I wasn’t blogging”

  1. Marianne Says:

    Safe travels and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Hadyn Says:

    Driving at night – or during naptime for trips of less than 4 hours – is the way to go! It’s our MO for traveling back to PA. And the lovely adult conversations it affords between husband and wife are priceless 🙂 Have a great Christmas, Michelle!

  3. Bobbi Says:

    So glad you are blogging again!! But, I must admit I have not been doing much reading either. How did Christmas sneak up on us??!?!?

    Have fun with your family!!!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    So glad Tessa is eating better now!! Good news!

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