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Don’t even have photos…

February 8th, 2010

Bad blogger! I have no news (there is a medical thing with Tessa but I don’t want to put it out there yet…I think I need resolution before I open myself up to internet advice – not because I don’t adore your input but because my anxiety level is high and I’m not googling so more information/input probably would be bad for my psyche right now…but before anyone else worries she is fine).  I even haven’t taken photos in days.

I met up with some other blogger friends/adoptive moms and didn’t take my camera.  Did you hear me?  It isn’t just that I didn’t take photos – I didn’t even take my camera with me.  It didn’t even occur to me until I had been on the road for 20 minutes.  Tessa has been sick (just a cold – nothing to do with above) which means she is whiny, crabby, doesn’t know what she wants, and just all around high maintenance just like her momma when she is sick.  We’ve wiped her nose so many times that she has little scabs on and under it.  Poor thing!  But I was so frazzled from dealing with Tessa that the camera didn’t even cross my mind.  It was awesome to see Carla and Melany – even if our meeting was too short.

We went to another couple’s house to watch the Super Bowl.  Tessa was darling in a Steeler’s jersey (she didn’t want anyone to forget where her true loyalties lie).  Sabrina and our friends’ little girl had a ball running around.  Many photo opportunities of cuteness and fun – but again didn’t even take the camera.

Now Sabrina is catching Tessa’s cold so I am surrounded by copious amounts of snot and whine.  I can’t wait until next year when Sabrina goes to pre-school and brings home even more germs to share!  Other than snot, all is well in our house.  Hope the same is true in yours.

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8 Responses to “Don’t even have photos…”

  1. Cathy Says:

    hope everything’s ok with your wee one. i tend to be an overgoogler myself, so i totally understand that wanting to take a little break from learning more about something, particularly if that something is scary or unnerving. i hope that when you’re ready, you’ll let all of us out here in blogland offer our support! sending you good wishes from afar – cathy

  2. Debra Says:

    Try “Boogie Wipes” they sell them at Target or Walmart. Great on a raw runny nose, love them! Check out their Facebook page

  3. Julie P Says:

    I agree with Debra – Boogie Wipes – they are the best. Pricey but well worth it. Good Luck with everything – we’re here to support you whenever you’re ready to share.

  4. Marcia Says:

    Ah, the winter cold! One of life’s true joys.
    I caught Maddy’s! No one to blame but myself. That’s what I get for knowingly & excessively kissing her while she was sick. Just couldn’t help myself! What’s an aunt to do when confronted with one of the cutest toddlers in the free world?
    Hope all of you feel better soon! And sending good thoughts your way…….

  5. Bobbi Says:

    Ok, I have NEVER heard of Boogie wipes. I am going to check them out!
    Hope Tessa is ok, cuz now you have me worried:>)

    There is nothing worse than a whiny, snotty child. OK, there is. A whiny, snotty husband!!! Hope they all feel better soon!!

  6. Kim Says:

    We are battling colds here too. We went to visit preschools last week and Luke ended up with a fever after the second day. It has spread through the masses so I sympathize. You may also want to try putting a little Vaseline on and under her nose at nap time and bed time. Hope Tessa is ok.

  7. tonya Says:

    germs AND lice!

  8. Melany Says:

    Hey – I hate that the girls have a cold – but glad they didn’t catch the stomach bug that Pilar had. She’s finally back to preschool today. Long week.

    Hope you guys are all on the mend and that Tessa’s medical concern isn’t serious. I’ll be thinking of you guys.

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