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In spurts

February 13th, 2010

I am not usually one to compare what my child is doing with what others kids are doing. My theory is that, saving a medical issue, they will all catch up eventually. Sabrina made this easy. She did some things early and other things a little later. I didn’t worry at all. Tessa is making this harder. She was so late to eat solids and walk that I was getting really concerned – and then started doing both in one weekend. When I talk to any one, I am very laid back about her late-blooming tendencies. But when I read the blogs of the half dozen bloggers who had babies within a month of me and I read about their babies talking and using utensils, I get a little angst-y. I wonder if something is wrong. I wonder if I’m not working with her enough (poor neglected 2nd child). Then I remember this is Tessa we are talking about. Tessa does things when and how Tessa wants to do them. She doesn’t care what the doctor’s chart says she should be doing. Nor does she care what I say she should be doing.

She still isn’t talking. She says Mama (meaning both Steve and I), Cracker (I know – complex for a kid who doesn’t talk but she loves her goldfish – priorities), Baba (which means everything that isn’t Mama or Cracker – bottle, bath, puppy, ball, bye bye, etc). This week she decided to master 2 new skills. One of which I’m not sure I’m thrilled about: stair climbing.


The other is using a fork. She skipped right over the spoon and went for the fork. She will eat twice as much if she can use a fork just because it is fun.


Sabrina isn’t sure what the big deal is – she can use a fork and climb the steps. But she is a little concerned at the talk of Tessa becoming a big girl.


Why do her bangs look like I let Steve cut them again? Gah! I swear, I paid a professional this time…I didn’t do it myself. They look so uneven – and every time I look at her there is a piece 2″ longer than the rest hanging in her eyes. Stupid Great Clips $6.99 special.

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5 Responses to “In spurts”

  1. dana Says:

    I LOVE these pictures of Tessa. Climbing the stairs and happy with a fork. Serena never went near the stairs until she was able to walk up them so maybe Tessa just picks and chooses what she wants to work on first. Talking is not one of them. No big deal to her. She is looking so grown up! I love to see changes in children as they grow but it is sad at the same time. sniff sniff.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how a professional could possibly cut a childs bangs like that! That’s ridiculous! Take a scissor to them already! You can do much better yourself Michelle! It is funny to see though.

  2. Melany Says:

    Man – I just can’t believe Tessa is old enough to be doing ANY of that stuff. Wasn’t it just a couple months ago that she was born?! Well – whatever her time frame – she looks proud and is as cute as her big sis.

    Hey – next time you need Sabrina’s hair trimmed…let me know. I’ll send Pilar over.

  3. Ashley J Says:

    I have to actively tell myself not to compare Eliza to her friends or even her “referral buddies”. Her talking… and all that involves is not there. I know she has so much info just storing up in her brain ready to come out when her mouth, lips and brain catch up. Yet, I still hurt for her. I hurt for the friends that don’t play with her because they have no clue what she is talking about or the teachers that just skip over her because they think she couldn’t possibly know the answer. Or the fact that she is becoming the “token princess” of the class who is just so stinkin’ cute she does not have to do a thing (both physically or intellectually) NOW THAT SCARES ME. I know it will all come, but I think it is human nature to self check and make sure your on the same page.

    I think Tessa just likes to make sure that she makes her own mark. She knows when to do it and when she needs to pull it out. Sounds like (from what I know of her momma) she is confident enough in herself that what everybody else is doing… makes no matter to her in the least! =)

  4. Bobbi Says:

    Been where you are, and still am. I have to admit that I have envied Sabrina’s progression all along. Reese has been behind from the start. Now, we are heading into speech therapy (FINALLY) for his articulation disorder. However, this child did not talk until August when he turned 3. His expressive and receptive language are above the 4 year old level. He did not walk until he was 16 months. Now, he is a pro at gross motor. They do it in their own time. I think that you are good to be aware, but you can’t force them to do it. Isn’t that frustrating!?!?!?! THey are so controlling. Yeah for the fork!! That usually takes a long time!! She looks like she is doing just fine!! She has been a little firecracker since she was conceived. I will never forget your “wolf” post where you learned you were pregnant with her. I told you then she was going to keep you on your toes!!!
    Parenting is hard. Full of worries. I still worry that the girls (who get all A’s) are doing ok with school. Can others read/write/do math that they can’t do? Are they on track?? It’s never ending. Guess that’s why our parents have great hair!! You’re doing great!!

  5. Laurie Mitchell Says:

    Emily had speech issues (as a result of 4 sets of tubes turns out she couldn’t hear as a baby … 1st tubes at 6 months and this affected her speech). My doctor told me that she should be able to put two small words together by age 2. She didn’t and we ended up in lots of speech therapy. She was also a very late walker (15 months). My son was early on all of this stuff…walking at 10 months and complete sentences very early too. I worried… Emily is now 7 and has a birthday that makes her one of the youngest in her class and she is doing so great in school (even better than some in her class that are 10 months older than her) and every single day I wonder why we spent so much on speech therapy as the girl does not shut up!! 🙂 Didn’t Tessa just turn 1? I don’t think there is any need to worry about speech this early. But in a year or so if you want to talk to someone who has been through it … give me a shout!!

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