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VD keeps on giving

February 18th, 2010

Yes, I am 12.  That title makes me laugh.

I love scoping out the bargains after a holiday.  Valentine’s Day is especially fun because you can find some indulgent items for 50% – 75% off.  I picked up 2 t-bone steaks for around $5 dollars and some turtles for half price.  (Which just makes me yearn for my Pgh south side turtle because these commercial ones are fine but they probably shouldn’t even share the same name as those.  Sorry…got off track there.  Let me wipe the drool from my keyboard and I’ll continue.)

What is even better than a great clearance sale?  When you bring home a bonus that you didn’t know you were getting!  See these aren’t just turtles.  Oh no siree.


I opened the box to discover that I had not only brought home turtles but also…


An ELEGANT candy dish.  Just by opening the sides this ordinary box is transformed:


Isn’t it gloriously elegant?  I feel like I should put it in a more elegant spot than the kitchen counter.  We aren’t really elegant folks though so I’m not sure what to do with it.  I hope I can find sufficiently elegant candy to grace our new elegant candy dish once these turtles are gone.

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12 Responses to “VD keeps on giving”

  1. Burgh Baby Says:

    How very elegant!

  2. Cathy Says:

    i’m so jealous. we don’t get fancy things like that in michigan.

  3. Pocklock Says:

    Ha! That title made me laugh too!

    Fancy cardboard gets me hot every time.

  4. amy2boys Says:

    This is so funny! Unbelievable!

  5. jane Says:

    Just imagine how elegant your recycling bin will look after you polish those off! OR if it were my house, the 3 yr old would confiscate this elegant dish and use it as a boat for her doll house family…or a bowl for her stuffed kitty…or 100 other things until I finally threw it into the recycling bin 3 months later!

  6. Becky Says:

    Ha, I needed a good laugh!

  7. Brigid Says:

    Ha! We had that same “candy dish” last year. But for some reason, it’s not one we use anymore…

  8. julie p Says:

    I read this post from my blackberry and I just laughed and laughed at the title. So glad you are still finding humor. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics of the new candy dish. Be sure that you save it to pass on to the girls.

  9. Bobbi Says:

    I have to say that they title certainly caught my eye!! Good one

    I think you should only bring a candy dish that elegant out for fancy occasions. You wouldn’t want the girls to break it!!

  10. dana Says:

    I don’t think it’s elegant Michelle, but if you go to your nearest craft store I’m sure you can find some brightly colored rhinestones to glue on it. Now THAT would be elegant!

  11. Alleen Says:


  12. Malia Says:

    And now you’re gonna get robbed ’cause you know that elegant candy dish could bring in some serious drug money.


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