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Feeling crafty

April 14th, 2010

p1020680I lost my crafty mojo after all of the Christmas ornaments I painted.  It started creeping back a few weeks ago.  I attended a Premier Jewelry party.  There were all sorts of pretty bracelets and necklaces and rings and earrings – many that I would have happily bought if funds were unlimited.  As I was browsing, I realized that many of the items would be relatively simple to make.  I could find some neat beads and capture the spirit of the pieces rather than replicate them exactly.  I did look at several items that I wouldn’t be able to make myself and settled on a lovely necklace to call my own.  But a couple of days later, I found myself at Micheal’s to use up a gift card and then Hobby Lobby for bigger crimping beads.  The bracelet pictured is one I made after the Premier party.

p1020719While at Hobby Lobby, I saw these letters on sale (either for $.99 or $1.50 – I don’t recall).  I thought I would pick them up for the girls and see what I could do with all of the paint I have in my craft drawer that I bought thinking I could use it on the ornaments.  I also knew I had some glossy top coat spray I could finish them with so I was in business.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them and they turned out completely different.  Sabrina’s is rather simple and whimsical and Tessa’s is a less so.  I hung them on their doors with some extra double sided 3M sticky stuff that you use for the removable hooks (we rent and I didn’t want to put holes in the doors).  I had trouble getting a good photo of them but here are the finished products.



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7 Responses to “Feeling crafty”

  1. Angie Says:

    OMG I love the letters!!! How long did they take you? I bet you could sell those! Too cute! Love the bracelet too BTW!

  2. Rusty Gerber Says:

    them letters are cute as hell.

  3. dana Says:

    You are very crafty Michelle. Love the colors, style of the letters and your designs too. I bet you could sell them. Etsy!

  4. Bobbi Says:

    You should think about selling them!!! THey came out so good

  5. debbie Says:

    Those are wonderful! I love that they are not your basic shaped letter like you find at Walmart. And you did an AMAZING job painting them.
    Wow, I’m impressed.

  6. Rachel ~ Southern Fairytale Says:

    Michelle, those are awesome.

    I’m so impressed with your colors and style! WOW

  7. Amy from JM Says:

    You could definitely sell those!!! Too cute!!

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