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April 16th, 2010

p1020998There is a certain Target I tend to avoid because this is their double cart (as opposed to the type where both children are at glare level eye level and next to each other). I’m guessing that even those without children can come up with 10 reasons these carts are a bad idea. Who looked at this cart and said “Brilliant! This is the perfect double cart!”

Obvious problems:

  • The children are at crotch level. It is difficult to put the fear of God into them with The Look when they can so easily avoid your eyes.
  • Because they are below eye level, those little hands can snake out and grab things on low shelves without you realizing it until you hear the crash
  • Sitting knee to knee just begs kicking
  • And poking
  • And hair pulling
  • And slapping
  • All of those actions lead to whining within in 3.2 seconds of the straps being buckled
  • Which makes my eyelid start to twitch
  • And leads to me becoming that mom – you know that one that you first hear hissing at their children about the loss of treats and other privileges if they don’t stop that right! now! and 2 aisles later hear her yelling at her children that she isn’t! kidding! as her voice cracks because she knows the wheels are coming off the bus and she has lost

Don’t get me wrong, the double cart is a necessary evil for those of us with multiple young children. I don’t love any of them but some are better than others. And this design is the worst in my estimation. I think they should come with a free shot of tequila and a lime.

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9 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Pattie Says:

    I hear you! And then, they pretend that these are hygenic with the “microban” sticker…. don’t know about your Target, at the ones in our area, most of the straps are disgusting!

  2. Zoot Says:

    HATE those double carts. Our Publix has the BEST double carts in the world b/c they are sitting like they would in a normal cart but the cart is shaped like a ROCKET SHIP. So awesome.

  3. dana Says:

    You crack me up Michelle! I love your view of these things. You started my day out with a nice laugh. Thanks.

  4. misszoot.com » Kate Gosselin, Cake Poppers, Grocery Carts…OH MY! Says:

    […] casually and maybe even, you know, comment! I have so much to say! I did squeeze in a comment with Michelle echoing her hatred of the Target double carts. My Publix has the BEST double carts (notice […]

  5. Melizzard Says:

    Oh we refuse to use those carts at Target because the kids just won’t stay in them. Cosco has good ones but only if the kids are toddlers. Basically two classic face Mama types but side by side in an extra wide cart. I’m no fan of the race car ones either because the baskets seem smaller.

  6. Bobbi Says:

    I Love the new blog look!!! But, am with you on the whole double cart thing. Honestly, I think they should be outlawed. BUT, even worse are the carts that are cars. That really begs for fighting, and the child who can easily escape. I tell Reese they are broken. He’s such a sucker he believes me every time!! UNTIL he sees another child in one.

  7. Yvonne Says:

    Thanks for the belly laugh this am!

  8. Burgh Baby Says:

    I HATE THOSE CARTS. I want to punch my husband for ever showing one to Alexis. On top of your list, the kid can escape way too easily and that sucker is hard to maneuver down the aisles. Makes. me. crazy.

  9. Jennifer Says:

    This was me in Home Depot just last night. I literally laughed out loud at your description of that mom because I was THAT MOM! 🙂 I only had one child in that cart and I wished I had never have put him in it . . . I can’t imagine having 2 sitting in it.

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