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Watering the garden

May 5th, 2010

I took Elle’s advice and scrapped my tomatoes from seed plan. There was just no way they were going to yield fruit in the year 2010. Yesterday, I planted a beefsteak, a Roma, and a 3rd type I can’t remember all of which were already a foot tall thanks to Home Depot. In a completely illogical move, I kept the tomatillos…most because I couldn’t find them already started anywhere. Maybe we’ll have salsa verde by New Years. My little herbs (not the out of control oregano and parsley) out front look like they largely drowned this weekend in the 16 inches of rain we got so I may have to go buy some already started herbs too. I’m taking a wait and see approach on that.

I think the girls might have gotten as much water as the tomatoes.

I can totally see 12 year old Sabrina in this shot:

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7 Responses to “Watering the garden”

  1. Alleen Says:

    I’m glad you survived the flooding with no damage.

    The pics of the girls are just adorable!!! I have a hard time with growing anything here. It gets so hot that everything seems to just combust!

  2. Kim Says:

    I did tomatoes from seed last year and am doing it again this year. They looked so small for so long, but I ended up getting enough tomatoes for us for the year and enough tomato sauce for 9 or 10 months. Don’t give up hope on the ones you kept.

  3. Bobbi Says:

    I don’t do tomatoes. don’t like them, but this post with these cuties could almost make me try them!!!!

  4. Melany Says:

    Hey – have you ever met my friend Kim? She blogs at http://www.sweetgoosebumps.blogspot.com and also LOVES her little garden. You guys remind me of each other sometimes.

    LOVE the pictures. Gorgeous.

  5. Rusty Gerber Says:

    Them pictures are gorgeous!!!!!

  6. sen Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Michelle!!


  7. Stephanie Says:

    I love that shot of “12-year-old” Sabrina. She looks like a performer and a social butterfly (is she?)!

    Enjoy the last few hours of Mother’s Day. 🙂

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