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July 1st, 2010

I took the girls for a walk yesterday (yay! it wasn’t 90 again!).

Initially, Sabrina whined that she didn’t want to walk – she wanted to ride in the stroller. With a lollipop.  Momma informed her that I wasn’t pushing 85+ lbs of stroller and kids in the 85+ degree weather.  She decided walking might be okay after all.  The girls took off gallops, skipping, and hopping.  I had a feeling it might not end well (neither of my children is particularly graceful…I can’t imagine where they get that…ahem). But off they went.

Tessa wiped out first.  She let out a pissed off half grunt, half yell.  I picked her up and saw she had scraped both knees raw.  One was bleeding a bit.  I started to carry her and she immediately wiggled to get down.  This next photo was snapped after her injuries.

Basically, she rubbed some dirt on it and took a lap.  Then, just before we got home, Sabrina wiped out.  She screamed.  She cried. She demanded to be carried home.  She cried harder.  She limped and hobbled the last 40 feet to our driveway.  She demanded first aid and bandaidages (she has combined bandage and bandaid for her own word).

I cleaned the girls knees, applied neosporin, and Hello Kitty bandaids.  Tessa, the more egregiously injured of the 2,  looked at her bandaid and then went on with her day.  Sabrina proceeded to list everything she couldn’t do now that she was injured: swim, take a bath, pull up her pants, climb on the bed, sit on the floor, go potty, use covers during her nap, and on and on.  Sabrina then began lecturing me “I told you to get the stroller momma so we can’t skin our knees.”

If there was any question about who the drama queen in the family might be, I think it has been resolved.

Everyone recovered sufficiently to survive the day.  Sabrina was trying to convince Tessa to make funny faces for the camera because she wanted mommy to take a photo of them with their bandaidages.

And in completely unrelated news, look at my little harvest of shallots!

I’m not sure they were fully mature but all of the sites I read said to harvest them when the green tops were 1/2 dead/brown so I did.  I used some in dinner last night.  Yummy!

It looks like I may have a couple of Roma tomatoes ready to pick this weekend.  Unfortunately, my other tomato plants aren’t so happy.  They each have 1 tomato and no other blooms.  I bought some tomato plant food yesterday so hopefully that perks them up.   The tomatillos I started from seed died completely in the heat of the past few weeks despite daily watering.  The cucumbers and hot peppers both have lots of babies on them.  The green peppers are looking pretty good but no flowers yet.

And finally, just because I am twisted.  I sat down at my computer this morning and found this.  I snorted.

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4 Responses to “Personalities”

  1. heather Says:

    love “bandaidages”…that is awesome!!!

    i’ve been getting the running list of owies EJ has at any given time during car rides. Today she moved on to telling me her sister’s and my own also (like ones I didn’t even know I had). Maybe she will be a doctor like she has been saying lately?

  2. Jordana Says:

    Mmm… shallots.

    Your girls are both so cute!

  3. jane Says:

    I have a drama queen here, too. And the “I told you” phase is wearing my very last nerve! I attempted to grow some patio tomatoes. We haven’t seen even ONE yet. But the squirrels have requested some peppers and onions to go with them.

  4. tonya Says:

    ok–I screamed when I saw the last pic. Emily demanded to see it and screamed with laughter also…good one!
    Oh ya, and your kids are freakin adorable!

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