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Ain’t no sunshine when she is gone

July 12th, 2010

Ain’t no sunshine when she is gone

Okay that isn’t even sort of true but it does seem like a little sunshine has gone out of our lives.  Sabrina left last Wednesday to spend 9 days up north with her grandparents, aunt and uncle.  How could things not seem a little less bright without this smile around?

Fortunately, I still have this little one to keep me laughing (seriously – how can someone who doesn’t talk be so funny?):

Tessa is missing Sabrina.  She asks for her every morning when she gets up.  I remind her that Sabrina is with Grandma and Pap-pap.  Tessa immediately says “Pool!” convinced that Sabrina is spending all of this time in a pool with Grandma and Pap somewhere without her. Obviously, the pool at the hotel made quite the impression.

As much as I miss Sabrina (way more than I thought I would), it isn’t all bad.  I forgot how low key life is with 1 child.  And sometimes, this weird thing happens where there is no noise in my house.  It is kind of eerie.  Errands? A breeze.  Meal time? Super fast.  Eye rolling?  None.  Public restrooms? I haven’t entered one in 5 days.

No refereeing toy disputes.

No jealousy over attention given.

No cries of “I had that!” And no frustrated cries from the youngest over stolen balloons or books.

But around 3:30 every afternoon, Tessa decides that I am, quite possibly, the most boring human being on Earth.  She really starts missing Sabrina.  I guess torment from your sister is still attention from your sister.  She misses her big sister.  I can’t wait to see the reunion.

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3 Responses to “Ain’t no sunshine when she is gone”

  1. dana Says:

    It’s good and not so good right? It’s nice to have time alone with Tessa but it’s not the same without Sabrina. Nine days is a long time but I’m sure it will fly by and your life will be craziness once again. I also can’t wait to hear about the reunion. Video please!

  2. Julie P Says:

    Love this post. Thanks for sharing the cuteness and the conflicting emotions.

  3. Bobbi Says:

    Just asked on FB how it was going!! Love this post. It is amazing how “easy” one is, but you miss the others so much. It’s definitely a mixed blessing. I remember the first time the girls went with my parents after Reese came home. We were bored. Laughed at ourselves for being so overwhelmed with one:>) AND, we drove Reese crazy with attention.
    This year they are supposed to take him camping too. Three days alone…..what will I do with myself????

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