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Did I forget to mention?

July 21st, 2010

Sabrina is home!

I would love to report that huge smile is a result of being so happy to see us but alas that is not the case. We did get big smiles and hugs and kisses when she initially saw us. Then we all had lunch and the excitement wore off. When I whipped out my phone to take a photo, she turned away. I bribed her with the promise of crackers to smile.

Tessa is quite happy to have Sabrina home despite the fact they were picking at each other 7 minutes after getting in the car.

We were worried it would take us weeks to get Sabrina back into the routine at home (ie lose the attitude acquired after 9 days of being spoiled) but she has done great. Don’t get me wrong, attitude is totally present…but not much more than she left with.

It has been fun slowing hearing about her trip. She initially didn’t have much to share beyond the fact that she had fun. But every day I hear a new story. The details are sometimes garbled because she doesn’t have a good grasp of time yet (everything happened yesterday) but it is fun to hear her memories. Aunt Lulu and the failed dark bath. Pap-pap cleaning the bouncy house. Susie giving her M&Ms if she ate all of her breakfast. Grandma having a special zoo outfit for her. Uncle Pat thinking something she did (couldn’t quite figure out what) was really funny.

She apparently did something fun every single day and now is not at all content to spend even a single day at home hanging out. We must go somewhere.

Grandma bought Sabrina a pair of Crocs w/Dora and Diego thingies. Tessa was fascinated with them and kept trying to put them on. I finally brought out the croc knockoffs I bought for the beach (featuring Dora) so that Tessa could be like her sister. (Sabrina’s love of Dora isn’t as all consuming as it once was…but now Tessa is becoming obsessed with Dora. Joy.)

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3 Responses to “Did I forget to mention?”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    YEAH!!! I don’t care how you got that smile, but it is one of a kind!! Glad she is adjusting back well.

    LOVE those Dora crocs!!!

    Sabrina is getting so big! She is filling out that car seat!! Our babies are growing up!

  2. Kim Says:

    Glad she is back and had a great time. Those thingies, by the way, are called jibitz. 🙂

  3. debbie Says:

    what a smile!! That is priceless.

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