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October 8th, 2010

My week has been consumed with errands and trips to the new house. Yesterday, I had 14 items on my To Do List. Unfortunately, only 6 were completed because I received a call that Sabrina got sick at school. Fortunately, she is fine. Apparently there were cupcakes for snack and they didn’t agree with her tummy.

Target and I hadn’t been speaking much for the past couple of months (such a bad influence…a trip in for a bottle of shampoo turns into $75) but we’ve kissed and made up. I’ve been there 3 times this week. I’m hoping to have to go back today – I’ve promised Sabrina that if we have a day with no time outs, we can go buy Beauty and The Beast.

I’ve been obsessed with finding a cute little black and white bath mat for the powder room. I don’t know why this small detail has become such a fixation – probably a combo of the fact that I can’t find one and that it is a detail I can actually afford unlike the new couch and chairs I would like for my living room. But between online retailers and brick and mortar retailers, I’ve found a grand total of 3 options. While telling Steve this, he begged me to let him paint the ceiling white. He really dislikes the black ceiling. In all honesty, if he had said it after the first time we saw the house I would have held the ladder…but it is really growing on me and I’m starting to dig it. I told him that I want to keep it for a little while but in 6 months or a year if he still hates it I’ll let him paint it. This is the photo from the MLS listing. Thankfully, they took the bad magnolia art with them. Everyone else – hate it or intrigued?

The girls…well let’s just say it hasn’t been the most stellar week in the behavior department. Sabrina has really ramped up the torture of her little sister – mostly be refusing to leave the poor child alone. She follows her around in order to be bossy and take toys she deems to be hers. Constantly. Tessa has been clingy and screamy. And this is the week I’ve made a serious resolution to stop yelling. (Monday was failure but the rest of the week has been a success in that way at least.) I know there is some anxiety for them – suddenly our things are being boxed up and taken elsewhere. Hopefully, once the move is done and we are settled they will feel a little more secure.

I haven’t had the camera out all week so I’ll try and take some photos soon for the Grandma types out there.

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13 Responses to “To Do List Trumps Blog”

  1. KimN Says:

    Love the black ceiling. Its nothing I would have thought of, but from the pictures it looks cool.

  2. Krystal Says:

    I love the black ceiling and the color on the wall. I actually showed DH the first time that you posted a picture and told him that I wanted to do it.

    I’m sure the girls’ behaviour is related to all of the big changes going on . . . that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with though, especially when you have so much to do. It will be worth it though when you all get settled in. The new house looks beautiful!!

  3. anymommy Says:

    I really like the black ceiling too, it makes the room pop. Finishing house projects is SO rewarding.

  4. Ruthie Says:

    I love the black ceiling! Do ya’ll have a Big Lots? I decorated my entire kitchen with less than $100 from Big Lots (we have a space over every single cabinet, and I was sick to death of the fake ivy). And Pier One…they might have something!

  5. Meredith Says:

    I like Grandin Road for rugs. Since no one will be taking showers in there, you might be able to use an outdoor rug instead of an absorbent bath mat. How about something geometric like this?

  6. Stephanie Says:

    Love the black ceiling! The pink, not so much (says she with a pink bathroom) – but you could make it some other cool color, like robins egg blue?

  7. kelley Says:

    I LOVE the black ceiling especially with the pink walls. I would def. keep it at least for a year. It really makes the room pop.

    I’m with Krystal and think the move and changes may have something to do with the behavior. Im sure things will calm down once you get settled.

  8. sen Says:

    Congrats on the new house to you, Steve and the girls.
    Tell Steve that I like the ceiling; I would add a dash of my favorite color even with the pink walls (I know my 2cents doesn’t count). LOL
    The girls are getting sooo big but you guys seem to be adjusting well.

    **Sen 🙂

  9. karen Says:


  10. dana Says:

    Love it! Keep it! It’s just the powder room. Tell Steve all the others are white, this room stays this way.

  11. MargieK Says:

    I like the black ceiling, and would never have thought of it. But I think it only works with the other black trim in the room; if you’ve gotten rid of the prints, the wastebasket, the towels or the mirror, it would seem out-of-place.

    We painted our bathroom, including the ceiling, a robin’s-egg-blue-like color, with the intention of eventually adding more white to mimic clouds around the white tub enclosure, white toilet, white sink, etc. That hasn’t happened yet (I refuse to nag, but my husband was going to take down the medicing cabinet so we could paint around it, and that hasn’t happened yet… grrr!). At first the white ceiling seemed to make the room too dark (it used to be a very pale yellow), but we’ve gotten more used to it.

    I think the walls in your powder room are so pale that the black ceiling doesn’t have the same effect of making the room seem too dark–which might bother me under other circumstances.

  12. burghbaby Says:

    I’m not a pink person by any means, but I do really love the black ceiling. I seriously am thinking about painting the ceiling black in our guest bathroom. I don’t have the cool trim, though, so I’m not sure that it would look as good.

    At our old house, I had a stars and moon half bath that had a gold ceiling, deep blue walls, and gold leaf stars all over. Husband hated it, but everyone else loved it. It got to stay, in part to annoy him.

  13. Bobbi Says:

    Steve, deal with the ceiling!! I like it!

    Good luck with the behavior stuff. Reese has really upped the anty here. I too am trying to keep positive and redirect. But, it gets long and hard!! You are right, I guess they don’t see the whole packing boxes as exciting as we adults!!

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