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Live from the new house

October 21st, 2010

The move went as well as moves can go. We still have too many a few car loads of stuff to get from the old house and then I have to go and clean it. I’m contemplating making a fort from all of these boxes instead of unpacking them. But the kitchen and bathrooms are fully functioning at this point so we have the important stuff covered. (Also? Friends sometimes bring you dinner when you have just moved. I never used to let people do nice things like that – I didn’t want them to go to the trouble but this time I smiled and said thank you. So incredibly wonderful.) I catch myself looking around the house and thinking it is so pretty that it can’t possible be ours and the bank’s!

My camera, its cord, and my computer all live in the same house now! Here is a hodge podge from the last few days.

The first thing Steve always hangs when we move into a new place – my Believe sign.

Our nanny this week. Seriously, it has been bad. They’ve watched way too much TV.

Ready for all of the fun gatherings we now have room to host!

Ummm…I might have a small problem with spices and vinegars and oils and herbs. I can’t stop buying new ones. Has anyone else with this type of affliction found a good way to store them? I have one of those staggered shelves and it doesn’t work as well as it should. And I don’t want a spice rack on my counter – besides they wouldn’t fit.

Do you think they like the new playset?

Even the dog tried to get in on that action

And why do all children decide that slides are meant for going up instead of down?


Success! After several days of trying, Sabrina finally made it all of the way up the big slide.

I think this is called a butterfly bush (feel free to correct me) but ours seems to attract moths. Lots and lots of moths. It kind of freaks me out because I walk by and they all come flying out into my mouth face. But the girls LOVE the “butterflies” and try to catch them.

The girls did great sleeping the first night in their beds. They both seem to be adjusting fine. Steve and I need about 3 days of uninterrupted sleep while elves put away all of our belongings but are enjoying the new house too.

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17 Responses to “Live from the new house”

  1. Gibb Says:

    We had a “butterfly” bush where we rented one time and all it attracted was bees…lots and lots and lots of them. So watch out once it gets warmer.

  2. Becky Says:

    That is a Lantana, I believe. Does it have rather strange smelling foliage? It should come up every year, ours does….but then again we are in South Carolina and a lot of stuff I never dreamed would come up year after year does.
    I’m with you on the moving, I hate it! And yes it does look like the girls love the new playset!

  3. Sonia in MO Says:

    Yay for a great move! The girls look like they are having a blast!

    I have one of those wide drawers next to my stove, so I bought an adjustable organizer for the drawer (search “spice drawer organizers” on Amazon) and now when I need something I just open the drawer and it’s all very handy. They lie in the drawer at a 45 degree angle though, so I still keep oils, etc., in the cupboard.

    That is a precious pic of the girls with the butterfly bush!

  4. Tracie Says:

    I love that the playset has two slides. That is so perfect.

    We used to have one of those butterfly bushes and it did attract moths, but at the right time of the year we also got lots of butterflys and hummingbirds.

  5. Bobbi Says:

    Glad that you are all settling in well. I have met your Nannie. She can be a wonderful friend. Problem is she doesn’t cook or clean!! BUT, she does let you do some of that, so guess it’s not so bad!!

    HA!! You can sleep in a few YEARS!!

  6. Brigid Says:

    We have a butterfly bush that has darker purple flowers that are long and skinny. And we actually do see a lot of butterflies! That’s about the extent of my flower knowledge.

    As far as the spices go, we have little spinners in our cabinets (think lazy Susan). They help, but I wouldn’t say they are the perfect solution. I have seen the drawer holders and I kind of envy those.

  7. Brigid Says:

    Oh, and that playset looks AWESOME! Congrats on the new house.

  8. burghbaby Says:

    Congrats on surviving the move!

    Butterfly bushes have long blooms, sort of like miniature lilacs. That would be lantana in your garden, which, JEALOUS. It’s an annual here.

    Do your kids turn evil if they watch a lot of TV? For some reason, if Alexis watches a lot of it (anything–the actual program doesn’t matter), she turns into a terrorist with the yelling and screaming and such. The first few weeks after we moved were F-U-N.

  9. heather Says:

    love friends who bring dinner! and seriously, what is with climbing up the slides? my baby gets smooshed daily on the playground by big kids! 🙁

    Enjoy your new digs!

  10. amy2boys Says:

    Congratulations! It looks wonderful!!!

  11. Marcia Renert Says:

    Congratulations!! I’m sure it feels incredibly overwhelming right now but in a few weeks, when you’re all unpacked and settled in, you’ll (almost) forget about all the aggravation!
    All the best in your new home!!

  12. Yo-yo Mama Says:

    Is the entire yard fenced in? Now THAT would be worth the endless unpacking!

  13. Jordana Says:

    I’m so excited for you! And what a great swingset.

    That’s definitely not a butterfly bush.

  14. Abuela Says:

    I think (given the picture) that you have a Verbenna. I need to buy you a butterfly bush (Texas style) next Spring. ; ) Thank you for the pictures…I am really enjoying…. 🙂

  15. Abuela Says:

    I think (given the picture) that you have Verbenna. I need to buy you a butterfly bush (Texas style) next Spring. ; ) Thank you for the pictures…I am really enjoying…. 🙂

  16. cm Says:

    So I am currently obsessed with putting everything in bins. In my pantry, there is a grains/pasta bin, a lentil/beans bin, a snack bin, a medicine bin, a bin for plastic picnic ware that I can just grab and go to set the table outside. Try putting all the vinegars in a bin and putting the bin on the shelf, When you need something, you just grab that bin and pull it down. Makes sense??? I use bins from target.

  17. Alleen Says:

    I have one of these hanging on the pantry door and all my spices are there.


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