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November 1st, 2010

We went to a little Halloween party last night and trick or treated with friends. A good time was had by all. I will say that letting my children run around, in the dark, when hoards of other kids are running amok, in the dark, while disguised gave me a few moments of feeling anxious because I lost sight of one for a moment.

After about 2 blocks, we called it a night. (We didn’t want them to collect too much – I gave out some of last year’s Halloween candy this year to our trick or treaters because candy is a rare treat for the girls. They get to pick a treat a day the first week after Halloween…after that it goes into a communal bowl that is then given out as an occasional treat.) This was the first year Sabrina anticipated Halloween and the first year Tessa went trick or treating so it was fun.

In other news, we spent 4 hours cleaning out the old house, scrubbing it down, etc on Saturday and turned in our keys. All of our stuff now resides in one place. My hands are raw from the mix of chemicals I used to clean different areas of the house. But it is nice to be done with that.

Nice to be done with the process but a little sad to leave that house – only a little. We didn’t love the house but it is the only home Sabrina remembers and the only place Tessa has known. So many firsts and celebrations happened there. When we closed the garage door for the last time we said “Goodbye house. Thanks for taking such good care of us for so long.” And off we went.

We are still waiting for the new house to feel like home. We love it and are comfortable here…it just isn’t ours yet. We need to hang some more things. Unpack some more things. Figure out where everything is. Be able to find the light switches in the dark. And we probably need to spill some things on the carpet – with children is anything ever truly yours until you’ve spilled on it? But it feels good here so I know it will make its way into our hearts quickly.

The girls continue to love the play set best of all…with the play room as a close second.

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5 Responses to “Boo and stuff”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    Sounds like a fun Halloween!!

    Tessa is oozing cuteness on that playset!!

    Home is where the heart is, right?!!? You will make it yours after a good spill or two! It is one of my biggest fears when the house sells. This is our first home, built with our blood (literally) sweat, and tears. We brought our babies here, watched them do all their firsts, so I get where you are coming from. I can’t wait until you call it home! It will give me hope!!

  2. Stefanie Says:

    I read your blog, mostly quietly, but I had to say that those pictures of Tessa on the slide are my favorites of her to date — they seem to show a glimpse into her personality I haven’t seen before. She must be a mover and a shaker. 🙂


  3. Julie P Says:

    Seriously – Tessa standing on the slide in that first picture – that is AMAZING. And when did she grow up? I am so happy for you that you’re all moved in to your own house.

  4. cant get over ex Says:

    My colleage was laughing when reading this line on your post “… run around, in the dark, when hoards of other kids are running amok, in the dark, while …” this is it, you just smashed it down pal.

  5. Leisa Hammett Says:

    Beautiful children. Especially striking lil’ witch ya got there. 🙂

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