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Advent Tree

December 1st, 2010

Remember last year’s advent tree project? I put it up again this year with different branches (the ones I stole from fallen trees grew too brittle to use again). Still love this project – so cute and the girls were so excited waiting to get their first little treat after dinner.

Tonight’s treat were little $.50 stuffed toys I picked up at Ikea this summer. The rest of the boxes, bags, and stockings are filled with leftover Halloween candy, trinkets from the dollar section at Target, and a few coupons to stay up “late” and watch Holiday specials. The girls get so excited. Sabrina asks a dozen times a day when she can open her surprise.

The original project that I based this on used manzanita branches. I haven’t found any in local shops and most that I have found online are pretty pricey and/or the shipping makes me gasp. At Old Time Pottery (which strangely has little in the way of pottery – just big pots to plant things in), I found these bleached willow branches which gave the same effect for $1.99 per 3 branches. Score. The original used foam to stabilize the branches. I used an unopened bottle of salad dressing to keep it from being top heavy. Some of my gift boxes from last year aren’t holding up well so I will have to replace a few next year. But this fun tradition is here to stay.

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2 Responses to “Advent Tree”

  1. debbie Says:

    I am SO glad u posted this. I forgot all about your idea and was going to go buy a cheap and lame “advent calendar” at a store this weekend. Thank you for the great reminder, I LOVE it. I’m all over it this weekend! Can’t wait to get creative and crafty.
    From what I can see, I think that you have two presents in one box. How do the girls do with that? I am thinking my girls would fight over who got to open the box or find the right number on the tree etc. My girls are 3 and barely 5. Everything is a competition. Any ideas?

  2. Steph Says:

    I do remember that from last year! I love it! I have been looking for an advent calendar, but can’t find one I really like. This is such a great idea. Can you make me one? 🙂

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