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Sorry, I got lost in 2007 for awhile

December 8th, 2010

I snapped this photo of  Tessa in the tweety bird hat yesterday (in other news: it is effing COLD in TN).

She seemed to like the hat.  She laughed and played peek-a-boo while wearing it.  Sabrina got this hat for Christmas and hated it.  She cried the moment we put it on her.  The only blog evidence I could find was this photo:

Somewhere in the depths of a backup drive is a photo featuring that hat and a look more like this one:

I spent almost an hour surfing around in the past remembering how cute and sweet she was before she could talk back when she was little.  I adore Tessa and adore watching the girls together. I wouldn’t change our path for anything.  But I have to admit when I look at photos from that period, before Tessa, I miss the closer relationship I had with Sabrina.  She was my pal, my buddy, my sidekick.  Tessa changed our dynamic so much and Sabrina became more of a Daddy’s girl while I was on bedrest and then spending so much time trying to nurse Tessa.  It makes me a little sad that I lost that.  But without that shift, she wouldn’t have a sister.  This is how I found them watching TV this morning.  (Please to ignore the wires and end table serving as entertainment center…we are going to order something to hold the TV and other crap sometime after the holidays.)

How sweet is that?  Even though they fight and whine and bicker and drive me to drink insane, I love that they will always have each other.

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5 Responses to “Sorry, I got lost in 2007 for awhile”

  1. Burgh Baby Says:

    It’s the age, yo. Sabrina will shake the misery any day now and you’ll be just fine. (I am repeating this like a mantra lately because mine is in a monster stage. UGH.)

  2. debbie Says:

    That is priceless, that last pic. So cute. It makes me smile and I have the same sentiments as you do. Two changes everything. Mostly for the better. The fighting, well, I could pass on that.

  3. Heather Says:

    So true! And developing a great relationship with Daddy, I’m sure was great for Sabrina. And now she gets to have a sister and I bet she loves her more than anything ever! I see it with our kids. The boys love each other and get mad at each other as they play together all the time being the same age and all (18 months). Phoebe being 10 years old doesn’t play with them often, but she is fiercely protective of them and loves them to pieces.

  4. Martha Says:

    So sweet! But bittersweet with the Sabrina remembrances. Now you have twice the cuteness!

  5. KimN Says:

    I definitely know what you are saying here. Before Ellie came along, I could not imagine how a second child could fit in with our little three person family dynamic. I was really sad about it for some time. Like you, I feel like I lost a year of Gabe’s life due to the year of the horrible pregnancy and then the difficulties that Ellie had afterward. Now, here I am pregnant again, and wondering how in the world its ever going to work with three kids. I just can’t imagine how that dynamic is going to work.

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