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December 22nd, 2010

I have a couple of posts brewing that require actual thought and words and stuff.  They will have to wait until after the holidays.  (At least one is prompted by Mamalita.  Have you read it?  I want to discuss.)  Many of my posts are driven by what I find on my camera.  I mentioned that Tessa has recently become even more adverse to my camera.  The second I turn it on she hides her face.  It has gotten so bad that when we are watching Diego and Click the Camera comes on, she runs away.  Heh.  So I’ve tried to lay off the camera for the past couple of weeks since I know that Christmas will look like a paparazzi event with the flashes going off.  As a result, I don’t have many photos of the girls to share…and the 2 I do are the back of Tessa’s head.


A rare photo of me – mostly for my BFF since she never checks facebook.  Hey Deanna – I cut off all of my hair and got red streaks last week:


A house about a mile from us does it up Clark Griswold style every year.

The kids love it.  I’ve been told he pressures his neighbors to decorate early and often so that people can bring their kids down the street for a whole show.  The funniest sign appeared across the street this year at a house that remains dark each year.

Hilarious!  Initially, I wanted to take these people out to dinner because they have to be awesome!  Then I learned that Clark Griswold actually bought the Ditto sign and put it up.  Still funny and it makes me like him more.


I’ve been trying to decide what to hang in my pink and black powder room.  I decided it needed to be a black canvas with the Eiffel Tower on it (don’t ask – no idea why).  But now I’m kind of thinking it looks too kindergarten.  (I painted it – it is meant to be simple and whimsical not fingerpaint-ish.)


Speaking of being crafty, I painted the cutest plate for the girls to leave cookies for Santa:


We got a little snow a couple weeks ago. The girls were very excited until we actually went out into the frigid cold.  We stayed out less time than it took to get them dressed to go outside.

Sabrina wouldn’t even lay down to make the snow angel she spent all morning talking about.  Not that I blame her.

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2 Responses to “Click”

  1. jane Says:

    I cannot wait to read your thoughts about the book. I wasn’t quite as “Isn’t this fabulous??” as most of my friends. But it did bring back all those memories of the adoptions process. Yeah, I just thought I had gotten over my bitterness on that topic!

  2. Christine Says:

    Can you please email me when you get a second? I have a question for you about Mamalita.

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