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All princess, all the time

January 5th, 2011

Since Christmas, I feel like we’ve been over taken by princess crap.  The girls wear their dress up outfits and run around carrying little princesses in rubber dresses (or fairies or Barbies).  They look adorable…I just have this overwhelming desire to buy them footballs and trucks.

Sabrina has been insisting that Daddy be the prince and dance with the princess.  Yes, the cute is overwhelming sometimes.


Yesterday, we were talking on the way home from school.  Sabrina was asking about kindergarten and I mentioned it would make me sad because it meant she was growing up.  She said “Mommy, I have to grow up so that I can have my own kids.”  I asked why she wanted to have her own kids.  She said “I have to have kids so that I can put them in time out when they do something wrong.”  Good to know that is how she views my job as a mom.

How do we deny this face anything?

Tessa is obsessed with kitties.  She often pretends to be one.  Here is our princess kitty.

Occasionally, someone will ask me how I get so many photos of my children.  I tell them I have to take A LOT of photos to get a few decent ones to post on the blog.  I get a lot of the back of heads or someone’s elbow as they run out of the frame.  Here is one outtake that made me laugh because it is so typical of our day in its chaos – everyone headed in a different direction, even the dog.

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2 Responses to “All princess, all the time”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    Total slacker on the comments!!! Glad you had a great Holiday!! Lately, I have really been missing the days where your girls are at. A 12 year old is not a lot of fun sometimes. She’s a great kid, and fairly easy, but I am losing her to her friends, and ACK boys…..Just wish I could have those days for just a little longer!

  2. Burgh Baby Says:

    I’ll make sure to have a football (and a hockey stick!) ready for yinz if I ever manage to run into you in person.

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