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Be vewy, vewy quiet…

June 17th, 2011

The girls got some surprise fun in the mail yesterday – a couple of books and binoculars from Grandma. They immediately wanted to go outside and look for birds “like Ruby”. (Sad that instead of hunting rabbits a la Bugs Bunny they relate such things to Max & Ruby which must be the most boring cartoon ever made.)

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6 Responses to “Be vewy, vewy quiet…”

  1. Anne Says:

    Cute! About Max and Ruby…where are their parents???

  2. Priscilla Says:

    At least the non existent parents aren’t annoying as hell like Caillou and his whole damn family. I hate that bald-headed kid. Is there a support group for maternal cartoon rage?

    Your girls, however, are darling as always!

  3. Gibb Says:

    Cartoon Network has Looney Toons. My boys watch them. So fun!

  4. Julie P Says:

    Just had to say that Tessa looks so grown up in big girl clothes!

  5. Ani Says:

    I actually like Max and Ruby 🙂 After 5 years in my life, that’s a good thing, otherwise I would’ve gone nuts.
    But our oldest discovered Pink Panther and Tom & Jerry a while back, so our days of Nick Jr may be numbered!

  6. Martha Says:

    So glad Jamie is done with her Calliou stage…so whiny.

    And isn’t Ruby kind of mean to Max?

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