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Candy candy candy

November 7th, 2011

Halloween night was chilly here so the girls had to adapt their costumes. We were out for a solid hour and they had a grand time.  Tessa is quite the little con artist. She scammed almost every house out of 2 pieces of candy by being cute and looking confused. Every time I would say “Just one Tessa” the person manning the bowl would tell me it was fine and not to worry about it.  And the houses giving out 2 pieces of candy, she took 3. Sabrina wasn’t quite sure how to react. She is a rule follower. She was torn between outrage over the rule being broken and wanting to go back and grab a second piece for herself.  Tessa is going to keep us on our toes.  And Sabrina is going to narc her out.

I told the girls that there was a surcharge of 3 pieces of candy (my choice) from each of them for my services in taking them out trick or treating. Sabrina was quite outraged by that and tried to negotiate. But she didn’t understand that meeting in the middle at 2 would have served her well and kept sticking to her insistence on 1 piece. So I simply overruled.

(Here is Tessa trying the pathetic face.) I’ve spent the entire week since Halloween saying no to candy. My general rule is for the first week – 10 days they get at least 1 treat, often 2 treats, a day.  After that, it all gets dumped in the community treat bowl and becomes an occasional treat. Tessa and Sabrina have been doing everything in their power to wheedle extra pieces out of me. I give in occasionally because that is the fun of Halloween.

After a friend’s pirate birthday party.

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4 Responses to “Candy candy candy”

  1. Jennifer R Says:

    Must be a 2nd daughter thing, McKenna always got more pieces at the door than her sister, sometimes as much as 5 pieces instead of one! At once house, there was a bowl and a sign saying to take just 1 piece. And on the front door was a witch decoration that made noises and lit up. Well, McKenna tried to sneak a 2nd piece of candy and just as she took the 2nd piece, the witch started going off on the door! Scared her soo bad, she dropped the 2nd piece back in the bowl and ran as fast as she could from that house! It was really just coincidence that the witch went off at the exact second that she took the 2nd piece, but the rest of the night she kept saying “if there is a witch on the door, I can only take 1 piece.” We all had a good laugh over that!

  2. debbie Says:

    Too cute! I feel for Sabrina for I am a rule follower too. And Tessa has the pouty face down, doesn’t she?
    I have no idea what my girls did. They informed me I had to stay at the end of the driveway! What are they, 13 or something? Um, no, 4 & 5. Actually, they just wanted to be big girls. My 5 year old would make the 4 year old go up and ring the doorbell just to make sure nothing scary happened. When she knew it was safe, she’d go get her candy.
    That is such a funny story Jennifer R. Have you seen the commercial where there is a little boy wrestling with his conscious about “taking just one”? There is a bowl with a “take one” sign and he takes one and stands there thinking about it. A little girl comes up and takes a handful. He says “the sign says take one” and she says “I can’t read” and runs off with her bounty. It’s so cute.

  3. Leisa A. Hammett Says:

    Ha! Spunky Sabrina! Go, Girl!

  4. heather Says:

    Love your con artist! Smart planning! Olivia totally got the deal this year and was beyond thrilled to get all that candy. And not surprisingly, she came home with more than either of the big kids. Good thing we share candy in the end or their might have been fighting!

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