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Summer status

June 12th, 2012

Last summer was horrible, awful, terrible. Steve was gone. I was unknowingly depressed from a medication I was on. I was constantly cleaning my house for showings and unable to make any plans. It was 1000 degrees every single day so impossible to do anything outdoors. It was a perfect storm for a horrible summer.I am determined to make this summer better.We’ve been on summer vacation for 3 full weeks as of tomorrow. I can’t say it has been a huge success yet. Some life issues have interfered with the plan I made to schedule our days. (Imagine that. Life laughing at me making plans.) I’m still trying to get us into a summer stride/routine but it has been a pretty good start to the summer. We’ve gone to the library. We’ve had lunch with daddy during his work day. We’ve gone swimming a couple of times. We’ve gone to the summer movie series at the local theater ($2 for movie, small drink, small popcorn, and fruit snacks – can’t beat it). I really miss having a few hours, a couple of days a week to myself and am starting to get a little cranky with all of the feeding and cooking. Summer means no break for mommy other than nap/quiet time. (I make Sabrina take a quiet time in her roomwhile Tessa naps. It is best for all involved.) But I haven’t started counting the days or weeks until school starts again so I think that counts as so far, so food. I also haven’t gotten my camera out much so you’ll have to settle for a few instagrams mixed in.

Bad attempt at self portrait with both girls. But I love Tessa’s cheeseball smile.



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2 Responses to “Summer status”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Happy Summer! We haven’t done the $2 movies yet but I am finding myself out of work for the first time ever and trying to soak in lots of fun stuff. We went to Nashville Shores for the first time ever yesterday! Of course that is the polar opposite of $2 movies cost wise, but we went with friends who have passes and coupons.

    p.s. my girls don’t nap any more but I am totally taking advantage, perhaps (evil mom laugh) of them sleeping in past 8!

  2. Bobbi Says:

    Ya, the no time to gather your thoughts or clean or fold laundry or pay the bills or THINK or PEE in the Summer is a little bit of a breathe into a paper bag issue here too!!! While Summer is my favorite time and I pack it full of fun and give the kids my all it is hard to get the day to day stuff done. Mine are older and could help more, but I am too anal and just prefer to do it myself…….I admit I am bad that way 🙂 But, before I know it they will be gone and I will be missing it all (NOT ALL!)
    Alone and mommy time happens about 10 every night…….but it is the one perk of a husband who is gone during the week.
    The girls are growing and are just more and more adorable !!

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