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Proof that a craft invention is needed

October 2nd, 2012

I made my girlfriends thank you cards after my birthday. I might have a problem. I can’t stop doing crafty things. They are so cute, I can’t stop.

For a friend with 2 adorable little girls:

For a friend who just bought a new house:

A friend who is a photog (and hasn’t received this yet since she didn’t come to Bunco…ahem)

And another friend who just bought a new house:

Steve said I should sell them on Etsy. That would be fun but with the amount of time required to do them, I would have to charge more than anyone would want to pay for a greeting card to make it worth my while. But having fun being crafty.


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7 Responses to “Proof that a craft invention is needed”

  1. Tonya Alander Says:

    awwww.. I wanna be your friend! You are a great artist!

  2. Sarah Lena Says:

    So the last time you posted something about all of the amazing things you made, I read the post while at work and work believes your site to be porn, so I couldn’t come comment. Then, lo, I slept that night and forgot about it.

    BUT YOU HAVE REMINDED ME. Of COURSE you should sell that stuff! IT’S SO CUTE!! I love the mixed media stuff you’re doing!!

  3. P Says:

    How about a tutorial?? Your stuff is so cute and looks like it would be fun to make. 🙂

  4. P Says:

    Just correcting my email. I haz trouble with the interwebs today.

  5. Laurie Mitchell Says:

    I used to make cards and sell them on etsy…I LOVED the making part…but the picture taking, writing and posting were a pain! It was not worth the time and effort of posting nor did I make any money…it’s hard to recoup time and supplies charging $3.00! I LOVE your cards. You are very talented! 🙂

  6. Mari Says:

    Did you mean to have the title say “a craft invention is needed”? Because I think you made a typo that may be more proof that an INTERvention is needed 😉

  7. Ami Says:

    You are so dang crafty. I’ve got some serious art skills envy going on right now.

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