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July 25th, 2007

I’ve decided that once a week I am going to throw a recipe out there to blog land. I know that I like finding new dinner ideas so maybe some of you will too. Feel free to share recipes in the comments or on your blogs. I will admit upfront that I am a bit of a foodie so the ingredient list might look long on some recipes. I also tend to not measure so I will try to give amounts but use common sense if you are making something and there seems to be too much or not enough of something. But I am also rather lazy so most will not be complicated or too time consuming. Without further ado – the first recipe isn’t really a recipe at all – just a yummy salad that I love for lunch or dinner.

2 boneless skinless chicken breast halves prepared however you like (works well with leftover chicken) – I tend to bake them in the oven with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Cut into bite size pieces or strips.

favorite lettuce mixture – I like spring greens

feta cheese

fresh raspberries (also works with sliced strawberries or halved red grapes)

candied pecans (pecan halves tossed with PURE maple syrup, put on a cookie sheet in a single layer in a 300 degree oven for 30 minutes or until syrup has crystalized on the pecans – do yourself a favor and line the cookie sheet with foil or you will spend the next 3 days trying to get the baked on syrup off)

favorite dressing – for this I use 3 tablespoons white basalmic vinegar, 4 tablespoons grape seed oil, and 2 generous tablespoons of 100% pomegranate juice** (my grocery store keeps these pure juices in the produce/organic section – if you can find pure raspberry juice that is even better) – whisk together. (If it is too tart, add a packet of Splenda.)

Do yourself a favor and don’t skip the berries or the pecans – they really make the salad. The feta, fruit, pecans, and chicken really make a nice, filling salad.

**You can use the rest of the pomegranate juice in other recipes or throw 1/2 cup – 1 cup in a pitcher of iced tea – yum!

Edited to add photo. I used strawberries because I had them in the house but raspberries really are the best in this salad.


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7 Responses to “New feature”

  1. Julie Lussier Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new feature.


    I need this.

    Hugs — Jules

  2. Alleen Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I made a salad with goat cheese, walnuts and balsamic vinegrette the other night. This one sounds yummy.

    I always have pom juice on hand for martinis(lush that I am), so I will have to try this dressing.

  3. karen Says:

    Sounds yummy! Thanks!

  4. Melany (in TN) Says:

    Oooh – sounds delicious. And healthy! Thanks! I will look forward to this new “feature”. 😉

  5. Alleen Says:

    So Michelle says I need to share the pomegranate martini recipe. So, here goes. You may need to experiment a few times and tweak the ratios to your liking. I know I did. I also use one of the tall shot glasses, so if you’re using a small one, just double.

    1 – 1 1/2 shot vodka (I prefer Absolut)
    1 shot orange juice
    2 shots pom juice. For variety, try pom-raspberry or another variety. (make sure it’s 100% juice).
    tiny splash of Grand Marnier (or Countreau)
    simple syrup to taste – to make simple syrup, heat equal parts sugar and water on the stove until the sugar is melted. It keeps well in the fridge.

    Put everything in a shaker with crushed ice, shake it up and enjoy!!

  6. Julie Lussier Says:

    Holy COW. Now pictures!

    Can life get any better?

    WAHOOO. Thanks Michelle.

  7. Tera Says:

    FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! Drooling over here!! Take care, friend…love the recent family pic…it’s wonderful and what a treat to see such a BEAUTIFUL sunset!! God bless, Tera

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