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I heart NPR

July 27th, 2007

I don’t get to listen to NPR often anymore because I’m not stuck on a bridge commuting to and from work. But I saw a link to these stories on a message board. It is series about adoption. If you have a few minutes, listen to the stories (the audio has more info than the written story). It is interesting. Also, Dr. Phil started a 2 days series yesterday on adoption scams. Three women who were scammed by the same person posing as a pregnant woman interested in placing her child have a chance to confront the woman. I saw the show yesterday and it had me near tears. I know the yearning they all feel for a child and I can’t imagine the heart ache. I know at least one of our friends out there in blog world has experienced something similar.

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6 Responses to “I heart NPR”

  1. Steph Says:

    One of those women ended up adopting from Guatemala and posts on adoption.com.

  2. Alleen Says:

    yeah, I saw the Dr. Phil series when it first ran a couple of months ago. She does post on adoption.com and has a beautiful child from Guatemala. Thank goodness there was a light at the end of that dark tunnel for her. What an absolutely horrible experience to go through. It will haunt those familes forever, I’m sure.

  3. jane Says:

    I saw those shows the last time they were on, too. It was horrible to watch.
    But I really came here to say YIPPEE the Blog Roll is back!! No more hopping around, blog to blog, trying to find everybody!
    Thank you!!

  4. Jane Says:

    Michelle –
    Thanks for sharing the NPR link. I used to listen to Morning Edition on my way to work, too. I just had time to listen to a couple of the segments tonight, but I’ve bookmarked them to go back again later.
    I was glad to see Adoption Learning Partners mentioned. I had taken their Conspicuous Families internet course last year when I started my home study. They give some good ideas for answering those intrusive (read: STUPID) questions that people ask about international adoption. Might as well start practicing some socially acceptable responses now! Thanks again for the link.

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